INFO: Everybody wants mangoes


Good prices have been paid for mangos for the last few months, and prices are currently still extremely high. “Everybody wants mangoes,” Sjoerd Meijer of Fruitmarket summarises the market situation. “We personally do not have any mangoes currently available. We had our final container last week. Importers, who now have this exotic fruit, can consider themselves wealthy. There is talk of 10 Euro (USD 11.19) per box containing 8 or 9 mangoes. Those are prices you rarely see, because they are normally under 10 Euro (USD 11.19).”


Decrease in price next week
“There are only small volumes on the market,” Meijer continues. “There is a little from the Ivory Coast on the market now, and Peru is as good as over. Besides, there is very little available from Brazil. They had a lot of rain there, and that can result in bad quality, or anthracnose.” He expects prices to normalise a little starting next week. “A lot of containers from the Ivory Coast are on their way to Europe, so I expect a decrease in price very soon.”


Fruitmarket supplies mangos year-round. “We currently do some small volumes of air freight. Those are also good prices, but a different segment. It would have been nice if we had had one more container, but that is unfortunately not the case. Yet we did get our share. We are very satisfied with 2016 so far.”


Source: Fresh Plaza

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