SPAIN: Exporter deals exclusively in ready-to-eat mangoes



“Now is the ideal moment to harvest our mangoes,” states Sigfrido Molina, manager of Sigfrido Fruit. Despite there being large producers which kicked off early this year, this producer, importer and exporter has been one of the last to start their Spanish mango campaign.


“Two years ago, we stopped dealing with mangoes in bulk; everything we do is ready-to-eat. To this end, we harvest the mangoes in several stages, making sure the ripeness of the fruit is always optimal for it to be considered ready-to-eat. Customers are very happy with the results,” explains Sigfrido.


According to him, the Spanish mango campaign has started with a very high demand on the market and good prices. “The mango season has started with a very high demand. We are working at 120% capacity. We have to work overtime to be able to meet the demand coming from both Europe and overseas, from distant destinations like Canada. And we have been surprised by the large number of of orders from Switzerland,” he stresses.


The Malaga-based firm is able to supply mangoes and avocados 365 days a year, thanks to its imports from sources such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia and South Africa.


As long as there is availability of mangoes in Spain, they don’t import from other sources. Currently, the price of Spanish mangoes range from 7.20 to 8 Euro (USD 8.07 – 8.97) per box, which is very similar to the level reached by the Brazilian Tommy all year round. Our mango prices are very similar to those of the southern hemisphere, so it would make no sense for us to import them, knowing that we have a European mango already ripe on the tree,” points out the producer and exporter.


Sigfrido has launched a new brand image for its brand Sigfrido, which is now becoming Sigfrido Ready to Eat. At the same time, it is working with the brand Retamosa for both tropical fruits and with Chispita for avocados. Soon they will open new facilities that will allow them to open new lines for organic mangoes and avocados.


Source: Fresh Plaza

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