INFOGRAPH – Friday Fruit Facts (#011) – Wild Durian

Did you know that the #durian fruit is the frequent answer to many #riddles in folklore?
In Lampung, southern #Sumatra: “Ditjuluk sakik, dikanik bangik” “It is painful to the touch (the spines); it is delicious to the taste (the aril)”). In Minangkabau : “Ambi duri, bapaga duri, sarugo didalam, narako diluwa” (“His name is spine; it is covered by spines; heaven inside, hell outside”). In #Javanese: “Ana landak turu ing epang, ambune dudu-dudu” (“There is a porcupine sleeping on the branches of a tree; its smell is extraordinary”) – Reference: Soegeng-Reksodihardjo, W. Econ Bot (1962) 16: 270.
Out of the thirty recognized Durio species, only nine are edible. This week’s Friday Fruit Facts explores the ‘wild side’ of some of these edible durio species.



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