AUSTRALIA: World’s largest achacha plantation for sale

Australia’s only commercial Achacha plantation is on the market, providing investors with an opportunity to secure a monopoly over the sweet, tangy fruit. Achacha (achachairú, Garcinia humilis) is a native of Bolivia.



Located on the Bruce Highway 45km south of Townsville at Palm Creek, the 123 hectare (304 acre) property has been organically accredited for six years and uses biodynamic farming methods. Colliers International head of rural and agriculture, Rawdon Briggs, said offshore buyers were now being matched by strong local interest, with competition for assets still very solid.


“The Australian market for Achacha has been established, with a network of agents in eastern states and WA supplying major fresh food chains as well as suburban greengrocers,” Mr Briggs said. “It is also exported to the Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong, Vancouver, and Toronto. Supply orders are also coming from as far away as UK retail giant Marks & Spencer.”


The property comes with plant breeders rights to commercialise the Achacha fruit in Australia until 2035. providing a monopoly on the product. There are 16,000 trees expected to produce 250 tonnes of saleable fruit in 2019. Some trees are already producing more than 100kg of fruit. Retail prices for first-grade fruit generally vary from $10-$25/kg.


The downstream market using unsaleable fruit is now being pursued including jams, pulp for sorbets and desserts, drink mixes and honey. The fruit, which is very low in sugar, is regarded as having excellent health properties.


In addition to Achacha trees, the property has 60 mature mango trees and small numbers of a variety of other species including soursop and coconut. There are also 3000 African mahogany trees planted across eight rows, providing wind breaks and shelter for the Achacha trees.


About 20pc cent of the 535ML SunWater allocation is used with the remainder being sold on the market, plus 100ML from Palm Creek. Each Achacha tree has its own micro sprinkler. The property has two fully equipped dwellings – a high-set three bedroom cottage and a guest house with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, office and laboratory. Other improvements include a packing shed and cool room, a fruit sorting and grading machine, workshop and a shade cloth nursery.


Source: Good Fruit and Vegetables

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