PHOTO: Thuan Chau district exports 10 tonnes of red dragon fruit to the Russian market. SOURCE: Nhan Dan

SOURCE: Nhân Dân

Thuan Chau district in the northern province of Son La held a ceremony on July 23 to export 10 tonnes of red dragon fruit to the Russian market.

This is good news for local farmers, opening up export opportunities to many fastidious markets across the world.

Thuan Chau is one of the pioneering localities in Son Lataking the lead in implementing policies to develop high-quality fruit trees. The district has 3,300ha of fruit including 26ha of red dragon fruit with an estimated output this year of 200 tonnes.

Secretary of Thuan Chau district’s Party Committee Nguyen Minh Tien said that the district aims to expand the farming area of red dragon fruit to 150-200ha in the 2020-2025 period.

With the export of a large amount of fruit including mango, longan, and dragon fruit to the markets of China, Taiwan (China), Australia, Europe, the US and Russia, local farmers in Son La can escape the problem of ‘a bumper harvest bringing down prices’ and promote more broad-minded business thinking.

In the first six months of 2020, Son La province sold over 120,000 tonnes of fruit of various kinds.

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