ISSUE 66: JUNE 2021

International Symposium on Tropical Fruits (ISTF2021)

28-30 September 2021
Virtual Symposium

THEME : Boosting Tropical Fruit Production, Consumption, and Market to Enhance Healthy Diets and Improve Livelihoods

Important dates
23 Jul 2021 Deadline for Abstract Submission/
Final Announcement
27 Aug 2021 Deadline for Full Paper Submissions
17 Sep 2021 Deadline for Registration (International Participants)
24 Sep 2021 Deadline for Registration (Malaysian Participants)
  REPORT on Building Responsible Global Value Chains for Sustainable Tropical Fruits     ISTF2021 welcomes new co-organizers  
  The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet) recently held an introductory session for the project ‘Building Responsible Global Value Chains for Sustainable Tropical Fruits’, on May 24.     The International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet), is proud to announce our new co-organizers for the 2021 International Symposium on Tropical Fruits (ISTF2021), which research institutes, international organizations, networks, and publishers that work on tropical fruits.  
  Isodotf 2021 first announcement released     Malaysia National Banana Congress to be held on September  
  The first announcement and call for abstracts for the 2nd International Symposium On Durian And Other Tropical Fruits (Isodotf 2021) to be held on 9-10 November 2021 was just released.     The Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR), University of Malaya, is delighted to announce that the Malaysia National Banana Congress 2021 (MNBC2021) will be held on 7-8 September 2021  

Malaysia National Banana Congress 2021 (MNBC2021)
Date: 7-8 September 2021

International Symposium on Tropical Fruits (Virtual Symposium)  
Date: 28-30 September 2021

8th Session of the TFNet General Assembly & 14th Board of Trustees Meeting (Virtual)
Date: TBA 2021

International Symposium on Durian and Potential Tropical Fruits: Tropical Fruits Production and Quality To Enhance Global markets (Virtual)
Date: 9-10 November 2021
Main Organizer: IFTRI
Co-organizer: TFNet

  STUDY: Black Sigatoka is becoming resistant to pesticides worldwide     LAO: Worker deaths show toxic chemical use continues on banana farms  
  Isolates of the Black Sigatoka fungus, a banana crop disease, have been identified from seven banana-producing countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa for the first time on a large scale by Dutch researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR).     In the past month, two Lao workers on a Chinese-owned banana plantation in central Laos have died from health problems that their fellow workers say were caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.  
  CAMBODIA: Banana exports over 200,000 tonnes in five months     CAMBODIA: Mangoes sweeten links with China  
  Cambodia shipped some 205,024 tonnes of Cavendish bananas to foreign markets from January to May, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.     China has taken “special measures” to facilitate the import of quality fresh Cambodian mangoes and expects 100,000 tonnes of the fruit to reach Chinese shores this year.  
  PAKISTAN: Mango exporters eyeing Iranian market     MEXICO: Hydro-thermal packhouse opens for Northern mango regions  
  As mango season has started, producers of the fruit are ready to export the product to the international market with a special focus on the Iranian market.     Empaque Don Jorge I (EDJI) recently opened in El Grupo Crespo, Latin America’s largest hydro-thermal packhouse.  
  INDIA: Tapioca, pineapple farmers hit hard by lockdown, rain     MEXICO: Papaya exports top the globe with 44% of the market  
  Hit hard by the lockdown and the unseasonal rain, the district’s farmers — especially those cultivating tapioca and pineapple — are struggling to sell their produce as they continue to be offered prices way below the base rate set by the state government.     Mexico is now the world’s biggest exporter of papaya and sits in third place in terms of volume produced, which grew 3.2% last year.  
  AUSTRALIA: Consumers enjoy $1 avocados amid record production     AFRICA: Avocado farming on the rise  
  This winter, Australians can afford to eat all the avo on toast they like, with the savoury green fruit selling for just $1 (55p, or 77c) each.     In East Africa and Nigeria, avocado farmers want to enter the insatiable export market. Environmental concerns cast a shadow over the crop in other parts of the world. What will African farmers do differently?  
  AUSTRALIA: Avocado production tipped to double as harvest smashes it in the Riverland     PHILIPPINES: Dragon fruit growing expands  
  The number of avocados grown in Sunraysia and the Riverland next season is expected to double and may even be so high the harvest will fill 1 million trays.     Commercial dragon fruit farming continues to attract growers all over the Philippines as countries like China and Spain manifested their interest to have a slice.  
  MALAYSIA: Durians have become a rich man’s delicacy     CHINA: Malaysian ‘designer durians’ are carving out niche in China  
  Durian, which used to be a normal meal of the people, just like rambutans and mangosteens, is now beyond the reach of the common man.     Malaysian durians have topped fruit and vegetable presales at a big Chinese retail festival, showing the pulling power of the pungent delicacy.  
  INDIA: Exports of GI-certified bananas to Japan begins     UGANDA: Modern track system to boost banana yields  
  In a major boost to India’s exports of Geographical Indications (GI) certified agricultural produce, a consignment of fibre and mineral rich ‘Jalgaon Banana’ has been shipped to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.     Researchers now use BTracT to routinely track each step of the breeding process of the breeding pipeline from where the male parent’s pollen comes from to how the cooked product tastes.  
  MALAYSIA: Durian farmers going online to cut out middlemen     PHILIPPINES: Country stays as 2nd top banana exporter in 2020  
  It is becoming a trend to sell products and goods via social media platforms, especially since the country was hit by Covid-19 and came under the first movement control order on March 18, 2020.     Despite a 14.38-percent contraction in total volume, the Philippines remained as the world’s second top exporter of bananas for the third consecutive year as it shipped 3.725 million metric tons of the prized yellow fruit last year.  
  BANGLADESH: Farmers eying bumper banana production in Rangpur region     CAMBODIA: Can farmers reap the benefit of China trade deal?  
  Braving the Covid-19 pandemic, farmers are eying a bumper production of banana this year in Rangpur agriculture region where cultivation of the crop is continuously increasing.     The Cambodian government is keen to ramp up agricultural exports, not least to diversify its economy, which is heavily reliant on the garment industry.  
  Edible Packaging from Fruit Processing Waste: A Comprehensive Review     Determination of banana quality indices during the ripening process at different temperatures using smartphone images and an artificial neural network  
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  Proximate composition of the edible part of purple passion fruit and santol and in vitro prebiotic activity of crude polysaccharide extracts     Bacteria and Mold Spore Heat Resistance in Guava Juice and Its Control by pH and Sodium Benzoate  
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