Dragon fruit plantation in Xiamen, Fujian province. PHOTO: China Daily

SOURCE: Hu Meidong and Zheng Caixiong, China Daily

Tseng Chun-yi has been busy discussing with technicians in Yongjing county of Gansu province how to pick dragon fruit, tend trees and manage orchards via remote video systems.

“Now it is harvest time for dragon fruit and we are busy guiding the farmers in Yongjing to pick the fruit and manage the plantation,” said Tseng who comes from Taiwan.

Tseng, who had gained experience planting dragon fruit in Taiwan, came to Xiamen, Fujian province, to start his business in 2015.

He built a plantation in Xiamen’s Xiang’an district after finding that the Chinese mainland had great potential for agricultural development. He established a dragon fruit cooperative to attract residents to join him and help revitalize the rural economy.

In June 2019, Tseng brought more than 1,000 high-quality pitaya seedlings from Taiwan to Yongjing county — Xiamen’s targeted poverty alleviation area — to help local farmers establish a small dragon fruit orchard of about 1,333 square meters after he joined an inspection tour to Yongjing.

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