ISSUE 66 – June 2021

The June 2021 issue of the TFNet Newsfeed includes updates on ISTF2021, a report on an FAO-TFNet meeting, ISODOFT2021, and the Malaysia National banana Congress. Other highlights are:

  • MEXICO: Papaya exports top the globe with 44% of the market
  • MALAYSIA: Durians have become a rich man’s delicacy
  • CAMBODIA: Can farmers reap the benefit of China trade deal?
  •  MEXICO: Papaya exports top the globe with 44% of the market

Research highlights include:

  • Response Of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Seeds Growth To The Gibberellin (GA3) and Cow Biourine
  •  First report of Pythium cucurbitacearum causing fruit rot of durian in the Philippines
ISSUE 65 – April 2021

The April 2021 issue of the TFNet Newsfeed includes the ISTF2021 call for abstracts and first announcement, the release of the Bananas Fusarium Wilt Workshop Report, and a workshop on Lancang-Mekong agricultural cooperation in Lancang, Malaysia. Other highlights are:

  • ECUADOR: Deadly banana fungus puts world’s top exporter on high alert
  • USA: Can ‘banana buffers’ save California from wildfires?
  • ETHIOPIA: Could solar-dried papaya relieve malnutrition?
  • THAILAND: Durian quality inspection program begins

Research highlights include:

  • Prediction of mango hopper, Idioscopus nitidulus (Walker) using hybrid modelling in Konkan region
  • Native flowering shrubs promote beneficial insects in avocado orchards
ISSUE 64 – March 2021

The March 2021 issue of the TFNet Newsfeed includes the announcement for ISTF 2021. Other highlights are:

  • INDIA: Banana, tapioca farmers stare at steep price fall
  • THAILAND: Mango growers complain of low prices and fewer exports
  • JAPAN: Excess fungicides found in exported bananas
  • MALAYSIA: Penang’s durian season will arrive late this year but harvest expected to be high quality

Research highlights include:

  •  Asexual reproduction: an alternative for the propagation and conservation of papaya (Carica papaya L.) native to Guerrero, Mexico
  •  Dragon fruit calli development and fungal contamination as influenced by activated charcoal
ISSUE 63 – February 2021

The February 2021 issue of the TFNet Newsfeed includes the announcement for ISTF 2021. Other highlights are:

  • COLOMBIA: Hass avocados reach record exports in 2020
  • CHINA: 2020 fruit imports surpass USD10 billion for first time
  • CAMBODIA: Kampong Cham mango farmers in limbo as price plummets
  • INDIA: Seven years of research leads to new banana variety

Research highlights include:

  • Preservation of mango fruit quality using fucoidan coatings
  • Active control of greenhouse climate enhances papaya growth and yield at an affordable cost
ISSUE 62 – January 2021

The January 2021 issue of the TFNet Newsfeed includes:

  • AUSTRALIA: Panama disease threatens banana plantations, supply of Lady Finger and Ducasse varieties at risk
  • CAMBODIA: 2020 mango export earns USD 470 million
  • CHINA: Thailand urged to adopt WHO guidelines to ensure durians free of COVID-19
  • MEXICO: Avocado exports forecasted to be up for Super Bowl

Research highlights include:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve management of water stress in banana production
  •  Effects of curcumin-based photodynamic treatment on quality attributes of fresh-cut pineapple